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Folding table- Folding table

Folding table- Folding table

SKU: 0001

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Table Color

Product Name : Seed Series 36X48 cm Folding Table

Table Thickness: 18 mm chipboard is used in the product.

Pipe Diameter: Metal feet have a pipe diameter of 16 mm.


- They are ready-to-use, metal-legged tables with folding frames that do not require assembly.

-The feet are covered with plastic, which eliminates the risk of scratching the floor.

-Thetables are made of 1st quality chipboard.

- The edges of the chipboard table are taped with a solid PVC tape.

- With thoughtful and safe design, there are no sharp edges on the tables.

- Easy to carry and store, folding tables save space.

- Suitable for versatile daily use.

-Portable desks are easy to use, they allow you to fold them to fit in small storage spaces.

-Seed series folding tables can be used as snack table, bedside table, game table.

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